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A Storage Feature that Makes Traveling Easier!

on Dec 30, 2015

Around the holidays there tends to be a lot of traveling. If you’re anything like me you likely still have your unpacked suitcase sitting in the closet after the visit to your in-laws over Thanksgiving.  Finding a good place in the home to keep traveling essentials can be difficult. You may lack the space within your master bedroom to store your luggage when it is not in use for example. With the Live Well Custom Homes Travel Center option, this problem is erased.

The Travel Center option within the master bedroom closet is just another feature that contributes to the livability of a home with Live Well Custom Homes. The Travel Center idea came about as an answer to all of the complaints that we heard from clients that have to travel often for work or life. They needed a spot for overnight essentials or didn’t want to place their suitcases on the bed to pack them (after rolling them all over the floor of airports and hotels).  The Travel Center is simply a storage space within the walk-in closet that has room to store your luggage and also a wide surface that you can place your suitcase on for packing. The best part: it’s close to all of the clothes and items you need to pack! 

Little details like the Travel Center are what we pride ourselves on at Live Well Custom Homes. These are the types of details in your home that make every day living easier.